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What Happens to Demolished Buildings?

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Even the most unassuming, conventional buildings that make up a town or city have a story to tell, and at one point, valuable materials were combined so that it could be created – so when it comes to this building being demolished, what happens to these materials and this building once there is a hole left in the skyline where it once used to be? The answer to this question will largely depend on the demolition company that is carrying out the task. When you come to C Jackson & Sons in Oxford, you can rest assured that following the demolition, we will take care of all materials and ensure some part of the memory lives on.

During the Demolition Process

What happens to a building once it has been demolished by us starts during the actual demolition process, as we make it our duty to take extra care while bringing down a building and do so with an eye to preserving as many materials as possible, rather than bulldozing through everything in sight without any thought of the future.

Once a Building has been demolished

Whether taking down industrial units or a disused home, we exhibit these high levels of care as we know that many of the materials found in a demolished building can be reclaimed and effectively reused – therefore recycled at a great help to our environment.

Buildings that have been demolished by the highly skilled team here at C Jackson & Sons will see an average of 95% of the materials being transferred to our reclamation yard where they can be used again on other construction projects – creating a healthy cycle for the life of a building to live on long after it has hit the floor and been ‘demolished’. Whether you are looking for demolition services or asbestos removal, for a structured, environmentally sound service, get in touch with our team today.

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