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The Health and Safety Criteria for Demolition Projects

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There are a number of issues related to health and safety that should be taken into consideration when conducting a demolition project as a number of problems can arise at any point when the demolition is underway. All those working on the project should be completely versed with the health and safety criteria for such projects, so that proper safety measures can be implemented. To help with this, we at C. Jackson & Sons thought we’d run through a few key features of this health and safety criteria.

Injury from Falling Materials

Flying debris and the premature collapse of the structure can put passersby and those working on the site at risk, so exclusion zones and hard hat areas should be created whilst the use of high reach equipment and covered walkways should help reduce the risks.

Uncontrolled Collapse

A structural survey should be completed before the demolition begins to assess the age of the building, its previous use, the materials used in its construction, any nearby buildings or structures and the weight of the higher floors. A method statement produced following this survey will run through the ways to prevent an uncontrolled or accidental collapse.

Traffic Management

It is not just the demolition itself that causes risks, but also all of the traffic on site that is required to make the demolition possible. Traffic management schemes should be implemented on-site to avoid those working in the area being put at risk by vehicles turning, reversing or lifting heavy machinery.

Hazardous Materials

It is important to be wary of any hazardous materials that may be in the building including asbestos, flammable liquids and paints. Dust can also be a problem, so it is important to ensure methods of protection are put in place before the demolition begins.

Here at C. Jackson and Sons, we are a disciplined contractor that undertakes demolition projects, ensuring the very highest levels of health and safety at all times. We are a recognised name within the industry, and know how to adhere to all safety standards relating to a demolition project. Call us today if you are in search of professional demolition services!

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