Infamous Town ‘Eyesore’ Demolished

At C Jackson & Sons we are regularly contacted regarding older buildings that are required to be demolished to make way for something else. This was the case when we received an enquiry from Rochmills who own the plot of land that the former Charles King Showroom sat on – they asked us to completely clear the site in order for a 106 unit care home to be built in its place.
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Jackson Environmental Secures a Three-Year Asbestos Licence with HSE

At Jackson Environmental, we boast no less than four decades in the industries of demolition and asbestos removal. Of course, these are two areas which are highly specialised and that require a great deal of training. This is intended to ensure the safety of our technicians as well as the general public. However, we also appreciate that this technology is consistently evolving and the relevant safety standards have likewise progressed. Continue reading →

The Health and Safety Criteria for Demolition Projects

There are a number of issues related to health and safety that should be taken into consideration when conducting a demolition project as a number of problems can arise at any point when the demolition is underway. All those working on the project should be completely versed with the health and safety criteria for such projects, so that proper safety measures can be implemented. To help with this, we at C. Jackson & Sons thought we’d run through a few key features of this health and safety criteria. Continue reading →

Asbestos Surveys & White Asbestos Removal Services Available

White asbestos is arguably the most widely found form of asbestos in the UK today. This means that, though banned in 2005 by an EU directive, there’s still a large amount of white asbestos in homes and industrial buildings across the country. Asbestos is notoriously dangerous to human health due to the microscopic fibres which are released when it is disturbed. These fibres can irritate the lungs and over many years this can lead to respiratory problems or even cancer. Here at C Jackson and Sons, we’re committed to facilitating safe properties through our professional services in asbestos removal. Continue reading →

A Hidden Killer: The Dangers of Dealing with Asbestos

Figures from the UK’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE) indicate that as many as 4,000 each year die from asbestos and its related diseases. Accounting for mesothelioma, lung cancer, asbestosis and pleural thickening, asbestos is responsible for more annual deaths than road accidents.

Put into perspective of specific trades, the figures suggest that eight joiners, six electricians and four plumbers die each week due to long-term working with asbestos. It may come as no surprise, then, that the issue of asbestos and its removal are handled incredibly carefully.

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Wood & Other Building Materials Available At Our Reclamation Yard

Nowadays the need to be green is greater than ever, and the environment is not the only one to benefit. Using reclaimed materials is a tangible way to protect the environment, but it also has the advantage of being a cost effective alternative for tradesmen. Here at C Jackson & Sons, our position as a demolition firm enables us to supply our own reclamation yard with high grade building materials. Among the materials which we stock in our reclamation yard is wood, which is a highly valuable for use within buildings of all shapes and sizes. Continue reading →